Summer 2016 News

  • Terrence Rafferty in The New York Times Book Review writes of Michelle de Kretser's ghost story, Springtime, "This is a gorgeous, delicately surprising piece of writing. . . . It's like spirit photography, all fuzzy outlines and unaccountable light: a snapshot of something that may or may not exist.” 
  • Springtime is also one of Vox's "18 New Books to Read this Summer." Constance Grady writes, "It’s slight enough to finish in one sitting, but restrain yourself: Savor every word of it."
  • In The New Yorker online, Lucy Ives discusses unconventional historical fiction, highlighting Danielle Dutton’s Margaret the First. Ives writes, “There are no poisonings, no clavichord-backed avowals of love. There are, instead, vivid, episodic bursts of narration, recounting a birthday party, the teasing of her by siblings, and Margaret’s time at court in Oxford, after the revolution interrupted her aristocratic family’s bucolic life.” Ultimately, Ives concludes, “Dutton's work serves to emphasize the ambiguities of archival proof, restoring historical narratives to what they have perhaps always already been: provoking and serious fantasies, convincing reconstructions, true fictions.”
  • One of the first two books we published, Gavin McCrea’s Mrs. Engels, is on’s list of “Best Books for Summer Reading.” In The Yale Review, Greg Johnson writes of the book’s language, “McCrea, appropriately for an Irish writer, invents a kind of contemporary Joycean mélange of words familiar and words invented.”