Black Card: A Novel by Chris L. Terry (Pre-Order)
Black Card: A Novel by Chris L. Terry (Pre-Order)

Black Card: A Novel by Chris L. Terry (Pre-Order)

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Black Card is the satirical story of a mixed-race punk rock musician who, determined to win back his coveted Black Card, is suspected of a violent crime in early 2000s Richmond, Virginia, and is confronted with the alienation and everyday aggressions experienced in an absurd world divided by race.  

On Sale August 13, 2019 • ISBN 9781948226264
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"Black Card takes the search for the self through a sharp and surreal map of punk-southern-rap-rock Virginia, drawn and crossed in racial lines and guided by the heart and wit of Chris L.Terry’s indelible characters. A kickflip classic." —Amelia Gray, author of Isadora: A Novel and Gutshot: Stories

With dark humor, Chris L. Terry’s Black Card is an uncompromising examination of American identity. In an effort to be “black enough,” a mixed-race punk rock musician indulges his own stereotypical views of African-American life by doing what his white bandmates call “black stuff.” After remaining silent during a racist incident, the unnamed narrator has his Black Card revoked by Lucius, his guide through Richmond, Virginia, where Confederate flags and memorials are a part of everyday life. Determined to win back his Black Card, the narrator sings rap songs at an all-white country music karaoke night, absorbs black pop culture, and attempts to date his black coworker Mona, who is attacked one night. The narrator becomes the prime suspect and earns the attention of John Donahue, a local police officer with a grudge dating back to high school. Forced to face his past, his relationship with his black father and white mother, and the real consequences and dangers of being black in America, the narrator must choose who he is before the world decides for him.


CHRIS L. TERRY was born in 1979 to an African-American father and an Irish-American mother. He spent his teens and early 20s touring the U.S. and Europe as the singer in different punk bands. Terry has an MA in English from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Creative Writing MFA from Columbia College Chicago. Terry’s debut novel Zero Fade (Curbside Splendor, 2013) was on Best of 2013 lists by and Kirkus Reviews. Terry lives in Los Angeles with his family. He works as a Copywriter and Creative Writing Instructor.