Fat Man and Little Boy by Mike Meginnis

Fat Man and Little Boy by Mike Meginnis

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Named one of Flavorwire's best independent books of 2014, and one of “the year’s most impressive debut novelists” by the Brooklyn Book Festival

"In his inventive and fabulist debut novel Fat Man and Little Boy Mike Meginnis lends a surprisingly human dimension to the atomic bombs dropped on Japan during World War II." —Largehearted Boy

“[An] imaginative debut. . . Meginnis’ story is both surprising and incisive.” —Publishers Weekly

"Throughout Fat Man and Little Boy, Meginnis’s language is luminous and disarmingly spare, whether he is invoking a naturalist moment or a fantastical metamorphosis." Necessary Fiction

Two bombs over Japan. Two shells.

One called Little Boy, one called Fat Man. Three days apart. The one implicit in the other.


The winner of the 2013 Horatio Nelson Fiction Prize,  Fat Man and Little Boy pulses with magical realism in an unprecedented approach to its tragic subject matter. 

In this powerful debut novel, the atomic bombs dropped on Japan are personified, born on impact as human beings—as a Fat Man and a Little Boy. Their small measure of humanity is a cruelty the brother bombs must suffer. Given life from death, they travel west from Japan to France and later to America. Their journey is one of surreal and unsettling discovery, and author Mike Meginnis transforms these symbols of mass destruction into beacons of longing and hope.


Mike Meginnis was named one of “the year’s most impressive debut novelists” by the 2014 Brooklyn Book Festival. He has published stories in Best American Short Stories 2012, The Collagist, PANK, and many others. He contributes regularly to HTML Giant and Kill Screen, and plays collaborative text adventures at exitsare.com. He earned his MFA at New Mexico State University, where he served as a managing editor of Puerto del Sol for two years. He now lives and works in Iowa City, where he operates Uncanny Valley Press with his wife, Tracy Rae Bowling.