Louise: Amended by Louise Krug

Louise: Amended by Louise Krug

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"A massive brain trauma robbed fashionable young Louise of the shallow currency she'd banked on all her life, and the resulting struggle is a page-turner in which a person's very soul deepens before your eyes. Louise: Amended rewards a reader's time—a must read." —Mary Karr

"Krug, who is 29 now — and married with a new baby — didn’t consult her ex-boyfriend about his feelings at the time. But if the adoption of his voice seems unfair at first, it grows apparent that Krug isn’t taking aim at Claude or anyone else. Louise is the target.” Kansas City Star

A beautiful young woman from Kansas is about to embark on the life of her dreams—California! Glossy journalism! French boyfriend!—only to suffer a brain bleed that collapses the right side of her body, leaving her with double vision, facial paralysis, and a dragging foot. An unflinching, wise, and darkly funny portrait of sudden disability and painstaking recovery, the memoir presents not only Louise's perspective, but also the reaction of her loved ones—we see, in fictional interludes, what it must have been like for Louise's boyfriend to bathe her, or for her mother to apply lipstick to her nearly immobile mouth. Challenging the notion that one person's tragedy is a single person's story, Louise: Amended depicts a dismantling—and rebirth—of an entire family.


Louise Krug grew up in Michigan and attended the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS, graduating with a BA in journalism. After undergoing two craniotomies at the Mayo Clinic to remove a cavernous angioma, she gradually regained the ability to walk and use of her right hand. In 2005, she returned to Lawrence, where she graduated from the University of Kansas with an MFA in creative writing in 2009. She is working toward her doctorate in creative writing while teaching English as a GTA at the university. She lives with her husband in Lawrence, where their daughter was born in August 2011. Louise: Amended is her first book.