Nine Rabbits by Virginia Zaharieva

Nine Rabbits by Virginia Zaharieva

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“Zaharieva packs several genres into one, including but not limited to pastoral idyll, sexual coming-of-age story, and feminist memoir. Ultimately, she presents life in all its messiness and possibility, vivid enough for the reader to almost taste.” —Publishers Weekly

"I know of few books that explore the workings of psychological and cultural legacies as fearlessly... The boldness of Nine Rabbits is expressed in its narrative virtuosity as well, for it blends memoir, recipes, alternative endings, references to popular Western culture, koans, dreams, diary entries and verse." —Rob Neufeld, The Asheville Citizen-Times


In Bulgaria during the height of communism in the 1960s, six year-old Manda survives her cruel grandmother and rural poverty by finding sheer delight in the world—plump vegetables, garden gnomes, and darkened attic corners. The young Manda endures severe beatings, seemingly indestructible. But as a middle-aged artist in newly democratic Bulgaria, she desperately tries to feed her damaged soul.

9 Rabbits was a bestselling novel in Bulgaria when it was released in 2008. Literary critics have labeled Zaharieva a brilliant representative of Bulgarian ecriture feminine.


Virginia Zaharieva was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 1959. She is a writer, psychotherapist, feminist, and mother. Her novel Nine Rabbits is among the most celebrated Bulgarian books to appear over the past two decades and the first of Zaharieva's work made available in North America.

Angela Rodel is an award-winning translator. Born and educated in the United States with degrees in linguistics from Yale and the University of California, Los Angeles, she currently resides in Sofia, Bulgaria.